NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

2014 Vendor Booths

Vendor Booths for 2014 are listed alphabetically by Business Name below. Please show these Vendors support for contributing to the NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo.

Booth  Business Name Web Site
E4 Advertures Across Oregon www.adventuresacrossor.com
19 Anglers Sport Group www.anglerssportgroup.com
34 & 35 Anglers Workshop www.anglersworkshop.com
6 Aquaz USA, Inc, www.aquazfishing.com
3 Bamboo Pursuits www.bamboopursuits.com
45 Bendetti Optics www.bendettioptics.com
44 Brystol Bay Sportfishing www.bristol-bay.com
29 BT's Fly Fishing & Photography www.btsflyfishing.com
10 Bulah Fly Rods www.bulahflyrods.com
9 Cascadia Fly Shop www.cascadiaflyshop.com
H2 Casting For Recovery www.castingforrecovery.org
Boat 4 Clackacraft Drift Boats www.clacka.com
16 Crystal Creek Anglers www.flyfishingstillwaters.com
49 Cutthroat Leader Co. www.cutthroatfurledleaders.com
39 Deschutes River Alliance www.deschutesriveralliance.org
36 Deschutes River Conservancy www.deschutesriver.com
32 & 33 Fin & Fire www.finandfire.com
47 & 48 Fish Field www.fishfield.com
H1 Fly Tyers group www.fedflyfishers.org
28 Fly Tying Specilities www.flytyingspecilities.com
20-21-22 Frank Amato Publications, Inc www.amatobooks.com
H3 Healing Waters  www.projecthealingwaters.org
H4 &H5 History -BC wjollymore@uniserv.com
30 Hoffman's Hackle Farm
E5 J.L. Bradley-Bamboo Rods www.jlbradleybamboorods.com
51 &52 JD Enterprises dwnyjunk@aol.com
41 & 42 Jim's Fly Co. & Hardy Reel's www.jimsflyco.com
E2 John Matthews Fly PaintingOutside
Boat 1 Koffler www.kofflerboats.com
15 Mike Barmun's Tools www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-barnum
25 Norlander Company www.nor-vise.com
Boat 3 North Fork Outdoors  www.northforkdoutdoors.com
1&2 Northwest Flyfishing Outfitters www.flyshopnw.com/
EDU ORCFFF Boothin Exhibit hall www.nwexpo.com
46 Oregon Fishing Club www.ofc.org
56 Oregon Outdoor Excursions www.oreoutdoor.com
11 Pro-Tubefly Systems www.prosportsfisher.com
12 &13 River City Fly Shop www.rivercityflyshop.com
E1 Siskiyou Aviary www.siskiyouaviary.com/
14 Snake Brand Guides www.snakebrandguides.com
27 Snake River Net Company
57 58 Snake River Outfitters www.snakeriveroutfitters.com
E3 Southern Oregon Fly Tying Materials
31&40 Spirit River  www.spiritriverinc.com
50 Sugar Creek Ranch www.sugarcreekranch.com
55 Sunriver Metal Works www.sunrivermetalworks.com
Boat 2 Sweetgrass Rods  www.sweetgrassrods.com
4 Terry's Custom Fly Rods www.facebook.com/oregonrods
7 &18 TFO Fly Rods www.templeforkflyrods.com
8 &17 The Fly Fishing Shop  www.flyfishusa.com
53 The Practical Fly Fisher www.flyfishingwithdougstewart.com/
54 Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership www.trcp.org
38 Trout Unlimited -Bluebacks Chapter http://www.bristol-bay.com
5 True West Fly Rods www.truewestrods.com
26 Two Rivers Fly Shop www.tworiversflyshop.biz
23 & 24 Wasatch Angling & /HMH  www.flytyingtools.com
37 Waterwatch  www.waterwatch.org
43 Yamsi Ranch www.yamsiflyfishing.com/