NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

Featured Tyers

2013 Northwest Fly Tying and Fishing Expo

Listed below are some of the tiers that have accepted an invitation to demo tie at our expo.  Be sure to check the schedule so you can observe these as well as other tiers as they demonstrate and explain how to do special techniques.

Barlow, David (OR):  Oregon FFF Fly Tyer of the Year and entertaining fly tyer.

Burkhart, Keith (OR):  2012 Oregon FFF Fly Tyer of the Year, 2001 FFF Man of the Year and co-founder of the NW Fly Tyers Expo. 

Clark, Lee (OR):  Developer of the Clark's Stone Fly and an Oregon Fly Tyer of the Year award recipient.

Criss, Jerry (OR):  2009 Oregon Fly Tyer of the Year.  He is a master of soft hackles, hair hackling and the tying of classic Catskill flies.

Fernandez, Steven (CA): Buszak Award winner from The Federation of Fly Fisher's for his service and contributions to the art of fly tying, which is the highest award available to any tyer.

Fisher, Jim (OR):  Oregon Fly Tyer of the Year Award recipient who specializes in nymphs and wet fly techniques.  Jim has been the long-time chair of the Expo and all around fishing fanatic.

Flaherty, James (OR):  A must see tyer. Jim creates some beautiful George Grant style woven hair hackle patterns.

Gordon, Hal (OR):  2010 Oregon Fly Tyer of the Year recipient in 2010.  Hal specializes in trout flys for Pacific northwest waters.  His creations catch fish.

Hammond, Rockwell (WA):  International fly tying awards winner and has tyed at British and Irish tying events.  Excellent salmon and steelhead tyer.

Jim Ferguson (OR):  2006 Oregon FFF Fly Tyer of the Year and long time Fly Tyer Chair of the Expo.  Jim is an entertaining teacher in the arts of fly tying.

Leong, Jackson (OR):  Jackson is one of the international leaders in developing realistic patterns and shares his knowledge of insects and materials.

Masuda, Kuni (WA):  Kuni treats fly tying as an art and specializes in tying the Japanese Shimazaki hollow body dry flys and nymphs.

McNeese, Dave (OR): Owned McNeese's Fly shop (Eugene, then in Salem, Oregon) since 1969. Custom rod builder since 1975. Designed and produced custom fly reels Hook designer-Partidge/ Bartleet CS10 and it's siblings, and the new Blue Heron Spey Hook. Fly Casting instructor Custom dyed fly tying materials. Fly tying instructor. Mentored many of the great fly tyers of today (John Shewey etc) Featured in over 40 books and articles. Has a website at www.davemcneese.com.

Nicholas, Larry (WA):  2001 Oregon Fly Tyer of the Year recipient.  He loves to share a lifetimes worth of tips and tricks about manipulating feathers on a hook.

Radencich, Mike (MO):  Mike is an excellent tier and instructor of tying the Classic Atlantic Salmon Fly.  A prolific photographer and artist, he has authored several books and is available to sign your book.

Rodriquez, John (OR):  Oregon Fly Tyer of the Year recipient in 1992.  John is always giving us a surprise with his innovative patterns and techniques.

Rossman, Paul (CT):  Paul has published a pair of books of creative salmon fly art.  He is interested in the creative/artistic side of tying. Watch him work and you will see why.

Royer, Karen (WA):  Karen excels in realistic insect patterns.  She attempts to use all natural materials in the constructions of her creations.

Schollmeyer, Jim (OR):  Oregon FFF Fly Tyer of the Year and prolific author of  many books on patterns and techniques of tying.  Emergers are one of his specialties.

Shewey, John (OR):  Oregon FFF Fly Tyer of the Year and developer of  steelhead patterns that have become Pacific northwest standards.  A very creative tier and widely read author.

Stewart, "Stew" (CA):  Stew has demonstrated his skills at regional and national events.  He received the Shasta Fly Fishers "Fly Tier of The Year Award" in 1997,  the NCCFFF "Man of the Year" award in 1990 and 1999, and the FFF "Charles Brooks Memorial Life Award" in 2004.  Stew always has something to teach us.

Tracy Peterson (OR): Tracy is a signature fly tier, fly designer for a prestigious fly company and fish guide.

Wilson, Glenn (WA):  One of the masters of tying classic full dress patterns.  Glenn has excellent teaching skills and you will learn something new every time you watch him tie.

Wood, Garren (OR):  Garren has demo tied all over the country and specializes in demonstrating the techniques used to tie beautiful woven body flies.

Younger, Rich (OR):  Oregon FFF Fly Tyer of the Year and gracious owner of Creekside Fly Fishing Shop in Salem, Oregon.  Rick's flys catch sea-run cutthroat on the Pacific northwest's coast.